National GEM Consortium

Since 2006, Tufts has been a member of the National GEM Consortium, a competitive fellowship program that has supported more than 4,000 graduate fellows with stipends between $20,000 and $100,000, summer employment, and paid graduate school costs. GEM affiliates like Tufts provide select students from underrepresented communities with the opportunity to connect with a network of leading corporations, government laboratories, and top universities at the master's and doctoral levels in applied science and engineering.

Want to learn more about the graduate school application process? Find a GEM GRAD Lab in your area! Every fall, a member school of the Massachusetts Consortium of STEM Programs (MC-STEMP) hosts a GEM GRAD Lab in the greater New England area. In this one-day symposium, you will learn how to apply to graduate school, discover funding opportunities, and get the "real scoop" from current graduate students.