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Ask An Alum: Alice Lee, E15

Alice Lee, E15

How did the BEST program help and/or support you throughout undergrad?
BEST was a huge support system for me—from administrators to fellow BESTies. The program gave me what I needed before I had any idea that I needed it. BEST connected me with professors, found me tutors, fed me, and most importantly, introduced me to lifelong friends.

What is one skill or technique that you've taken from Tufts that you’ve applied to your current position?
Learn how to learn. Classes will end, but that does not mean you stop learning. Every day I'm learning something new at work—it's never-ending. When you stop learning, you become stagnant and irrelevant.

What is one CSD/BEST event that you remember vividly to this day?

All my favorite memories involve Oasis. The one that pops out is probably my first holiday party and the first generation exchanged secret Santa gifts. It made me feel warm inside and the next year we started the secret Santa tradition for our year.

What words of wisdom do you have for the incoming students?
Ask for help and don't struggle alone. I know how hard and intimidating it can be to ask a question, but the more questions you ask, the easier it gets! Practice asking questions.

Describe BEST in one word.

What was one challenge in undergrad you remember specifically and how did you grow from it?
It was junior year and I was in a group project with assigned team members. I had a really hard time communicating with one of the people in the group and we were falling behind. It was a situation I've never dealt with and I had no idea where to start to tackle the problem. I reached out to my mentor and professor for help. They gave me advice and guided me through the project. Long story short, the team member ended up dropping the class, but the experience taught me that roadblocks will always be there. You have to ask for help and work with others to overcome them.

So what is life like really as a working professional?
I find work way WAY more enjoyable than school for a few reasons: 1) Bi-weekly paycheck + bonuses 2) At least 8 hours of sleep every night 3) Weekends are mine. Not going to lie, I do miss winter and summer break, but I don't miss the problem sets and stress.

What's next for you! (Career wise or fun wise - any fun trips planned?)
Career wise, I'm thinking about grad school and I'll continue my position as Component Design Engineer at Intel (there's still a lot to learn). As for travel plans, I'm going to Chicago for Labor Day weekend with a fellow BESTie and old roommate (Dulce). Crossing my fingers, but hopefully going to Macau with my mom next year! My pottery class starts in mid-September and I recently picked up modern calligraphy/hand lettering.