The Center for STEM Diversity works closely with a variety of campus services and centers to ensure that the needs of our students are being met from both an academic and social perspective. It takes a team of dedicated people to accomplish our goals, and Tufts is fortunate to have many faculty and staff who share our passion to have a more inclusive campus community. From the cultural houses to the academic resource center, and everything in between, our students have access to high quality resources and attentive personnel who truly have their best interests at heart. This is a hallmark of an institution like Tufts – an inclusive campus that is student centered at its core.

Resources like the Group of Six Culture Centers listed below and the resources listed on the left work together and independently to develop knowledge of and appreciation for diversity at Tufts. Staff members at each center advise and advocate for specific constituencies and serve as resources for all students, faculty, and staff.

Group of Six

The culture centers work to enhance the academic mission of the university by ensuring that students have access to a variety of academic, cultural, and student resources that encourage them to have a successful Tufts experience, and prepare them to be leaders in their respective communities.

Africana Center
Katrina Moore, Director
Capen House, 8 Professors Row
Phone: 617.627.3372
Website | Email

Asian American Center
Linell Yugawa, Director
Start House, 17 Latin Way
Phone: 617.627.3056
Website | Email

International Center
Jane Etish-Andrews, Director
20 Sawyer Ave.
Phone: 617.627.3458
Website | Email

Latino Center
Ruben Stern, Director
Bolles House, 226 College Ave.
Phone: 617.627.3363
Website | Email

LGBT Center
Nino Testa, Director
Bolles House, 226 College Ave.
Phone: 617.627.3770
Website | Email

Women's Center
Bryn Gravitt, Interim Director
55 Talbot Ave.
Phone: 617.627.3184
Website | Email