Promoting Retention in Science and Engineering (PRISE)

The PRISE program supports first-generation, academically talented students pursuing studies in science and engineering throughout their first and second years. Nominated students receive academic credit for participation in weekly seminars covering research at Tufts, as well as in social activities that focus on navigating college life, exposure to scientific research, and professional networking. Building a supportive cohort is a hallmark of successful retention programs, and these weekly meetings give students a chance to build relationships with upperclassmen in their fields, check-in with program mentors, and network with PRISE alumni who are now industry representatives.

What the members of PRISE have to say:

PRISE encouraged me to stay on a STEM track, and having a small group helped me to foster closer connections and friendships.

The people in PRISE reminded me that success is achievable for anyone who is willing to work for it, regardless of economic or racial factors.

PRISE gave me a small community of people I could go to with my countless questions about becoming a professional in my field.